Built for venture builders

Rudido offers entrepreneurship-enabling leaders and organizations access to entrepreneurial research data, and the opportunity to conveniently, source, onboard, educate, and invest in credible innovators remotely.

Built for innovators

Rudido provides the support to innovators, creatives, content creators & entrepreneurs in need of ideation-relevant content, idea documentation & productivity tools, including a marketplace to promote their ideas, skills, & content in real-time.

Productivity Tool

Set tasks & reminders for people to see, places to go and things to do.

Record & keep track of your task progress as you execute them.

Stay in sync and synchronize your portfolio books to receive your weekly/monthly progress reports via email or sms.

Virtual Workspace

Acess a virtual workspace to ideate and work remotely with your team & partners. Access research coaching tips and share progress reports with friends, collegues & partners.

Upload your research notes, ideas, skills & learning materials to your content portfolio-books to share with your audience.

Content-portfolio Books

Create portfolio books to showcase your different content, skills, & learning materials.

Save all your research notes, audio & video files, images, links and messages directly into your content portfolio book.

Organize and manage all your idea’s content in one place.

Innovation Marketplace

Find the right people to partner with or hire for your ideas. Source for content, learning materials & people seamlessly.

Promote your content, learning materials, skills, ideas, businesses and tools to the right audience.

Content Library

Access a variety of content creators, mentors and tutors to work with and learn from.

Access a diverse library of content, tips, tutorials and learning materials relevant to your idea or venture.

Budgeting & Investments

Access the financial history & milestones of innovators accross Africa.

Access funds from people & businesses that care about your ideas. Access fundraising coaching tips and share milestones reports with donors.

The future of work

Millions of students, youths & aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa are looking to financially empower themselves through entrepreneurship. And we have positioned ourselves to capture this market.

If you've got an idea.

If you are in the business of promoting entrepreneurship or coaching innovators.

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